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    Bayer works to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation for the benefit of farmers, consumers and our planet.

    Bayer has been investing in Australian agriculture for almost 100 years, supplying leading brands backed by expert advice in the areas of seeds and plant biotechnology, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. Bayer’s spirit of innovation and curiosity means they are always looking to develop more advanced solutions to environmental and commercial challenges to shape Australian agriculture.

    On and off the farm, Bayer work closely with their customers, business and research partners and the wider community to improve the security of food and fibre supplies and overall quality of life. This great tradition is also Bayer’s commitment to the future – entirely in line with their mission: science for a better life.

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    Cotton Seed Distributors

    Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD Ltd) has been supplying quality cotton planting seed to the cotton industry since 1967.

    Formed through the vision of Australia’s foundation cotton growers, CSD remains committed to the success of today’s cotton industry.

    CSD is a major investor in cotton breeding, research and development, having developed a long and successful partnership with the CSIRO Cotton Breeding Program. CSD’s objective is to deliver yield and quality outcomes to keep the Australian cotton industry at the premium end of the global fibre market by delivering elite varieties that are specifically bred and adapted to suit local growing conditions.

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